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Medical device PCB assembly

PCBA Application : Medical
Process : SMT + DIP

Automotive PCB Assembly And Electronic Sourcing In China Factory

encapsulation:0402 QFP SOP
PCBA Application : Automotive electronics
Process : SMT + DIP

Pcb Prototype Double-Sided Circuit Board Manufacturer In China

encapsulation:0603 QFN SOP8
PCBA Application : The controller
Process : OEM + SMT + DIP + test

Communication server Circuit board SMT processing

encapsulation:0201 0402 QFN QFP BGA
PCBA Application:Communication class
Process:SMT + DIP + test

PCBA assembly

  • 4 SMT automatic production lines
  • 2 DIP production lines
  • 2 finished assembly lines
  • 2 The test lines
  • Professional quality control personnel


  • Strictly comply with the ROHS standards
  • Factory covers an area of 4000 square meters
  • With more than 120 employees
  • Successful ISO90001, hl-tech corporation, TS16949, UL (E332411) certification system, etc.


  • PCB and SMT assembly of one-stop service
  • FR4, high TG FR4, high frequency, alum, FPC
  • Number of layers 1-48
  • 100% of the test
  • Quick delivery to all over the world

Component purchasing

  • International first-line brand component suppliers;
  • More than 7 years of experience in procurement team
  • Special ERP material management software

Global well tech is a professional manufacturer of PCB&PCBA OEM, PCB production, parts purchasing, SMT and functional test at home and abroad companies. PCBA processing factory covers an area of 3000 square meters...